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Epic Tip of the Week

Link to Affidavit of Surrogate Health Care Decision Maker Form in Capacity & ACP Navigator

  1. An Affidavit of Surrogate Health Care Decision Maker is required in Maryland when a Health Care Agent has not been designated for a patient who lacks capacity and a surrogate other than a primary family member will be making decisions.
  2. A link to the affidavit form is available in the Capacity/ACP Note template. Click the “Surrogate” button to indicate that they will be the Primary Health Care Decision Maker and the link will appear. The form should be printed and completed by the surrogate, then saved for scanning into the patient's chart.

Placement and Interpretation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

When ordering a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, the provider can order either a personal device or a professional device. A personal CGM device, Personal CGM Placement (NUR95249), should be ordered for a patient who monitors their own glucose. A professional CGM device, Professional CGM Placement (NUR95250), should be ordered when a provider monitors the patient's glucose for diagnostic testing over a certain period of time. Professional devices are placed on the patient in the clinic. Personal devices can be placed on the patient at any location.

MyChart - Google Fit and Apple Health Integration

  1. MyChart users can take advantage of fitness app integration with Google Fit and Apple Health. Integration allows MyChart to collect data and incorporate it into a patient's medical record, providing a more complete picture of the patient's health.
  2. A clinician orders a flowsheet to collect information which sends a notification to the patient. The patient then authorizes Google Fit or Apple Health to share the data with MyChart.
  3. The clinician receives the information as an In Basket message which will also be available in MyChart Synopsis and the Health Trends report in the SnapShot activity. The content will appear as patient-entered data.
  4. Patient flowsheet messages with patient-entered data will appear every 30 days by default. Providers have the option to change this before sending the order.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

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Kelsey Bennett