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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care JHOME Receives Funding to Expand

JHOME Receives Funding to Expand

Johns Hopkins Home-Based Medicine, or JHOME for short, provides interdisciplinary geriatrics-focused primary care, urgent care, palliative care, behavioral health and case management in the home for older adults who can no longer travel to receive outpatient medical care due to chronic medical conditions.

JHOME is a collaboration between the Division of Geriatrics, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Johns Hopkins HealthCare, Johns Hopkins Financial Analysis Unit, Johns Hopkins Medicine Business Development & Strategic Alignment and Johns Hopkins Home Care Group. The funding will allow the program, led by Mattan Schuchman, Michele Bellantoni and Chris Durso, with support from Grace Goodhew and Dianne Malabanan, to lay a foundation of infrastructure and move closer to implementing a Hospital at Home program.


Kelsey Bennett