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March Updates

Happy Spring! As the weather begins to warm up, I hope you are able to schedule some time outdoors to refresh and recharge yourself. Springtime in the Baltimore area is filled with many fun and family-oriented activities including the 2019 Orioles Opening Day and the Flower Market at Mt Vernon. In the meantime, I want to thank you for everything you do for our patients and their families.


Gallup 2019:  Your Opinion Counts!

There is still time to submit your feedback. The 2019 Gallup Q12 has been extended through March 31, 2019. Please take time out to submit your survey feedback.

Driveline Champions

February marked the one year anniversary of the start of the driveline care education. Teams from the CVSICU, CCU, CVPCU, PCCU and Meyer 7 Rehab have shown a reduction in new driveline infections by more than 50 percent (6 months post intervention).

The Joint Commission Visit

Our clinical areas are looking nice and staff are preparing for our spring survey. Every three years, the hospital-wide inspection occurs by professional surveyors who are invited here to assure that we are providing optimal care for our patients. Approximately 10 surveyors will be on campus for four days surveying the hospital during an upcoming week in April or May.

Aspects of the survey include speaking with members of our staff and patients about our care, review of electronic medical records, assessment of our adherence to policies, review of personnel files and observation of the environment to assure it is clean and safe. Readiness checklists for each area should be completed each week prior to survey and each day of the survey week. We all have played an important role in keeping the hospital safe and continuing to improve safety and service. Be ready to talk about how you have helped! If you have questions, contact your area’s Joint Commission point persons, manager or Terry Nelson.

Behavioral Plan Update

Four Medicine units have successfully implemented the Medicine pilot of the Behavioral Plan, totaling over 30 plans. In the next month, four more units will implement the pilot. For IMC and ICU areas, we will work with you to modify steps and consequences of the pilot plan. There has been interest in our plan by other departments and hospitals.

De-escalation Training Update

A health system-wide initiative has been focused for two years on keeping our environment safer. The group taking the lead on this is the Workplace Violence Workgroup, co-chaired by Dr. Deborah Baker and Dr. Lori Paine. There have been six sub-groups, and now JHH has a Workplace Violence Committee that is meeting every other month. One output of the group has been de-escalation training plans. The Department of Medicine will begin de-escalation training in late April as soon as the trainer, Karin Taylor, MSN, RN, is available from her regular position as a clinical nurse specialist in the Department of Psychiatry. Three Medicine units will be the first units trained. These are the MICU, MPC and Nelson 8.


The Department of Medicine has made significant improvements in all domains of HCAHPS in the first two quarters of this fiscal year. DOM increased by 27.7 cumulative top box points as compared to the FY18 baseline as reported at the end of FY19 Q2.

A huge thank you goes out to the following people who recently received compliments:

  • Danny, Tmori, Steven, Jasmin, Victoria and Alexis, nurses on Zayed 10 East-MICU and Meyer 8
  • All nurses on Meyer 9
  • Erin Berry (RN), Kevin McAndrew (RN),Meredith Zoltick (RN), Michael Tipton (RN), Brittany Kelly (RN), Eliot Carney (RN), Bryan Gardiner (RN), Sarah Walker (RN), Erica Cunningham, Mary Herring, Doretha Chambers, Cynthia Monroe, April Rufus (Intrastaff), Karen Thomas (Intrastaff) on Nelson 4: "The nursing staff were all five stars. They routinely checked on me even though I knew they had other patients with more acute problems."
  • All nurses on Nelson 6
  • Kristina Kohler, nurse on Meyer 9

Kelsey Bennett