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Research Retreat Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in today's Department of Medicine/Whiting School of Engineering Research Retreat. Our second annual collaboration with engineering proved to be another great success. We would also like to thank Keynote Speaker Dr. Leroy Hood, MD, PhD for an enthralling talk on How Technology, Big Data and Systems Approaches are Transforming 21st Century Healthcare. To watch his presentation along with opening remarks by Drs. Mark Anderson from the DOM and Ed Schlesinger from the WSE, click the link below.

Watch the morning presentations here:

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Congratulations to our award winners:

W. Leigh Thompson Excellence in Research Award

Basic Research Faculty

Reyhan Westbrook, PhD: Altered Metabolome in Frailty Link Chronic Inflammation to Functional Decline


  • Noton Dutta, PhD: Adjunctive host-directed therapy with statins improves tuberculosis-related outcomes in mice and humans
  • Priya Umapathi, MD: Excessive O-GlcNAcylation causes heart failure

Basic Research Fellow

Mohanraj Sadasivam, PhD: PD-1+CD3+CD4-CD8- (double negative T-cells) are early responders during kidney ischemia reperfusion injury and regulated by non-classical MHC molecules


  • Brian Lin, PhD: Pharmacological and genetic inhibition of Transient Receptor Potential Canonical 6 (TRPC6) as a novel treatment for heart failure
    and Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)
  • Eric Tuday, DO: Degradation of miR-181b by the Translin/Trax complex mediates vascular stiffening

Clinical Research Faculty

Kristin Bigos, PhD: Nimodipine decreases frontal and parietal cortical activity during working memory


  • Prasanna Santhanam, MBBS, MD: Personalized Treatment Planning for Radioiodine Therapy of Graves’ disease
  • Ethel Weld, MD: Readiness of Youth Living with HIV for Long-Actng Nanoformulated Antretrovirals

Clinical Research Fellow

David Okada, MD: Spatial Complexity Analysis of Myocardial Substrate: A Novel Risk Factor for Predicting Ventricular Arrhythmias in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy


  • Konstantinos Aronis, MD: Clinical and in silicoassessment of pro-arrhythmic potential of the noninfarcted left ventricular myocardium in patents with ischemic cardiomyopathy
  • Tessa Novick, MD, MSW: Housing Insecurity During the Great Recession and Risk of Adverse Kidney Outcomes

Whiting School of Engineering Research Award

Lab Excellence

Kang Lab-Sung Hoon Kang, PhD, Ozan Erol, PhD and Decheng Hou


  • Durr Lab-Nicholas Durr, PhD, Taylor Bobrow, Mason Chen, Faisal Mahmood and Gregory McKay
  • Pulse Lab-Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell, PhD, Eduardo Gonzalez and Alycen Wiacek


Alycen Wiacek: Coherence-Based Beamforming to Improve the Diagnostic Power of Breast Ultrasound Imaging


  • Derek Allman: A machine learning technique for detecting in vivo catheter tps for photoacoustic guided cardiac interventions
  • Mohammad Ikbal Choudhury: Micro-Fluidic Kidney Pump For High Throughput Drug Screening For ADPKD
  • Jeffrey Craley: Integrating Convolutional Neural Networks and Probabilistic Graphical Modeling for Epileptic Seizure Detection in Multichannel EEG
  • Ozan Erol, PhD: Self-Adaptve 3D-Printed Right Ventricle-to-Pulmonary Artery Conduits for Pediatrics to Accommodate Growth
  • Ashley Kiemen: Deep learning 3D reconstruct-on of serial pancreatic histological sections for a quantitative study of the in-vivo tumor

For the full list of abstracts, visit:

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