Epic Tip of the Week

InBasket – Using and Creating QuickActions

  • QuickActions can be used to review results in chart review, reply to patient calls and refill protocols.
  • Providers can either use system QuickActions or create their own to send result notes in fewer clicks.
  • There are 16 system QuickActions [‘gears’ symbol]. Here are 4 examples:

Results => Result Note

Rx Request => Approve or Deny refills

Patient Call => Reply/routing

CC Chart => Attestation

Or users can create their own QuickAction buttons and customize for their specific department recipients:

Configure Result Note QuickActions to meet your needs:

  1. Button Name
  2. Show note before filing = to edit result note [beware!!! Adds a click]
  3. Mark InBasket message as complete after filing [saves a click]
  4. Specify which results to attach to note
  5. Route Note to = send your note to a colleague
  6. Enter Result Note text [use SmartLinks to pull in patient specific information]
  7. File to chart
  8. Release to MyChart = release is immediate prior to normal MyChart release time
  9. Click Accept = your new QuickAction will appear in the QuickActions drop down on the toolbar

***Click the link below if you are interested in creating your own QuickActions OR contact Juliet Allen for assistance: 443-287-4669


Screenshots of these features can be found here: https://jh.box.com/s/mo257093k8dc39trv3r0fy7ey3lgaytm

Epic Training Portal link: https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/epictraining/Lists/Tips%20and%20Tricks/AllItems.aspx