Epic Tip of the Week

Inpatient - Add Patient Education Button to Epic Toolbar for Inpatient Providers [Effective April 2, 2019]

  1. Inpatient providers will have access to the Patient Education button within the toolbar—this may require clicking the chevron drop-down menu if your toolbar contains many tabs. Options under the Patient Education button will include Krames, Education Videos Preview, Kids Health and Vaccine Information Statements (CDC).
  2. Krames is a comprehensive patient education system providing clinicians access to 37 specialties in multiple languages, although primarily English and Spanish.

Inpatient - Adult SQ Insulin Decision Support Filter Change

To eliminate the need to use the Clear All button, filters applied to the SQ insulin order set, when a provider completes the SQ insulin decision support tool, will be cleared when accessed by another provider and/or one hour after the insulin decision support tool was last completed (e.g., when adjusting sliding scale insulin intensity or for NPO status).

Screenshots of these features can be found here: https://jh.box.com/s/wlr8b9beoqwmy4owhslp2wjt12x4h0q1

Epic upgrade training materials can be found here: https://livejohnshopkins.sharepoint.com/sites/epictraining/SitePages/Epic%20Upgrade.aspx