InBasket External Email Reminders

  1. Providers can subscribe to reminder emails about unread InBasket messages. This is useful for part-time clinicians who don't log into Hyperspace frequently.
  2. Click on InBasket, then the settings icon on the toolbar, check the "subscribe with email address" box, and enter the email address where you would like the messages sent.
  3. A provider can also choose the number of days that should pass before an email is sent.

Open Lab Orders Report Added to Rx Request and Pt Advice Request Folders in In Basket

A new report displays a patient's open (active) lab orders in the Rx Request and Pt Advice Request folders of In Basket. Click ‘Open Labs’ on the report pane of the message to quickly check if a patient has an open order before placing a new order for that lab. Seeing that there is an existing order can save users time of going into an encounter to place the order.

Cancelled Orders Messages No Longer Sent

  1. To reduce the number of In Basket messages sent to providers, the system will no longer send a notification message to the authorizing provider when most orders are cancelled. The provider will continue to receive a cancelled orders message for a lab order.
  2. The Canceled Orders folder displays a Comments column documenting why the lab order was canceled.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic Training Portal link:

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