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Updates in Lung Cancer, Immunotherapy and Immune-Related Toxicity

The Thoracic Oncology and Pulmonary Divisions at JHH, together with the JH Immune-Related Toxicity Team, are pleased to be hosting a two-day educational lung cancer and irAE masterclass event on May 6-7, in Owens Auditorium on the East Baltimore Campus.


  1. Describe the appropriate selection of diagnostic modalities in the work-up of a patient with suspected lung cancer.
  2. Identify and describe updates and advances in chemotherapy treatment for patients with advanced lung cancer.
  3. Discuss new advances in immunotherapy in the treatment of lung cancer.
  4. Identify and describe organ specific immunotherapy related adverse events as well as their management.
  5. Evaluate patients with malignant airway obstruction, mediastinal/hilar lymph adenopathy and peripheral lung lesions.
  6. Evaluate patients with newly diagnosed lung nodules.
  7. Discuss novel non-invasive detection of lung cancer.
  8. Discuss the side effects associated with new chemotherapeutic agents and their management.

For more information and to register, visit:

Participation for Johns Hopkins faculty and staff are covered by tuition remission.


Kelsey Bennett