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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week May 2019 Week 1

Epic Tip of the Week May 2019 Week 1

Inpatient [JHBMC] - Edmonton Frail Scale System List [effective May 7, 2019]

JHBMC has a system list for patients who are at high risk for falls, as calculated by the Edmonton Frail Scale. This assessment is documented during an outpatient visit on the Edmonton Frailty Flowsheet. If a patient scores six or greater, they will appear in the High Frailty System List when they are admitted to the hospital.

Immunization Reconciliation using the MD Immunization Registry [ImmuNet]

  1. Click the Imm Registry button in the Immunization Activity to retrieve a patient’s immunization history.
  2. A pop up window appears indicating that the request has been triggered. Click OK.
  3. If ImmunNet retrieves new immunization history, reconcile the records by clicking Add or Discard as appropriate.

Helpful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts to Enlarge Font on Screen

Sometimes Epic or other computer program screens are very difficult to read due to a small font size. You can use your computer keyboard to magnify your screen. Hold down the Windows key and tap (+) to zoom in and (–) to zoom out of view.

For additional Epic keyboard shortcuts to enhance your Epic view, click here.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic Training Portal link:


Kelsey Bennett