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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: May 2019 Week 2

Epic Tip of the Week: May 2019 Week 2

Ambulatory - Select Diagnosis More Easily in the Associate Diagnosis Window [effective May 16, 2019]

Quickly add diagnoses using all of the available speed lists in the associate diagnosis window. In addition to the problem list drop down menu, providers can select from the common diagnosis preference list as well as diagnoses previously entered for the patient.                                  

Ambulatory - New Physical Exam Form in NoteWriter

  • The new physical exam form created in NoteWriter is called PHYSEXAM (49007). This replaces the forms PHYSICALEXAM (148) and PHYEXAMBYAGE (49001).
  • If you currently document in Notewriter, use the new form to ensure that all macros work for each tab and updated section items function properly. Some section items have also been changed. When creating a note, enter the SmartPhrase .PHYSEXAM to pull up the new form.

New Link to the JHH Lab Testing Directory in Epic

  • The JHH Lab Testing Directory was added as a new link in the Epic Help menu. Clinicians can view detailed information about the laboratory tests that are performed at JHH.
  • Currently, only the JHH Lab Testing Directory is viewable by all Enterprise clinicians. A pop-up window appears showing that the request has been triggered. Click OK.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic Training Portal link:


Kelsey Bennett