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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: May 2019 Week 3

Epic Tip of the Week: May 2019 Week 3

Ambulatory - MDPCP Registry Indicator Replaces ACO Registry Indicator on Patient Header

The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) replaces the current ACO indicator on the patient header. This allows primary care practices participating in the program to easily identify Medicare patients attributed to their practice.

Ambulatory - New Rheumatology Activity

  • Rheumatology tools are no longer part of Disease Management and are found in the new Rheumatology activity.
  • Many items previously found in the Joint Count form are located in a new Homunculus tool. Rheumatology providers should continue to document (A) tarsus involvement, (B) patient global assessment, (C) CDAI score and (D) the PROMIS T scores on the Joint Count form.
  • For additional information click here Documentation - New Rheumatology Activity

ALL – The Unit Now Appears in Mobile Patient Lists [Effective 5/16/19]

Patient lists in Haiku, Canto and Rover include the patient's room, bed and unit below each name.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic Training Portal link:


Kelsey Bennett