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Medicine Matters Home Administration Required Training: Patient Privacy for Workforce Members

Required Training: Patient Privacy for Workforce Members

All workforce members of all Johns Hopkins HIPAA Covered Entities, as defined in the JH HIPAA policies, are required to complete HIPAA privacy training. This e-learning course provides an overview of HIPAA privacy and how best to protect the privacy of Protected Health Information, as well as where to report breaches and obtain more guidance and assistance on HIPAA-related issues. This course should take approximately 20 minutes.

Failure to comply with Johns Hopkins HIPPA policies and procedures can and have resulted in disciplinary action up to and including loss of employment. Johns Hopkins has terminated workforce members for violations of HIPPA. All accesses to electronic medical records, including Epic, are tracked. JH Privacy Office uses a proactive access monitoring system to identify questionable accesses.

 To access the course:

  1. Log in to with your JHED ID and password.
  2. Navigate to the Education tab. Select MyLearning, then My Plan, and scroll down to find Patient Privacy for Workforce Members - 2019
  3. Click on the course, then the “Take Course” button. A new screen will open up for you to start the course.

For technical issues regarding this course, please contact the myLearning support team at For all other questions regarding this course, please contact or 410-614-9900.


Kelsey Bennett