Use of Controlled Substances in Laboratory Research Policy

Last December, the university approved the Use of Controlled Substances in Laboratory Research Policy.

The policy requires training, which is found in Section V on page 6. The training is fairly simple. Read the policy and acknowledge that you have read and understood it by completing Appendix B and emailing it to HSE. All registrants, authorized agents and authorized laboratory personnel working under the registrants must read the policy and complete Appendix B.

Disposal of unused controlled substances is covered in Section VIII on page 7. Disposal is straightforward: contact HSE for disposal of controlled substance just like you would for chemical waste.

Note that this policy DOES NOT APPLY to:

  • Controlled substances used in IRB-approved research involving human subjects by faculty and staff who are Maryland-based practitioners and who hold current DEA registrations
  • Controlled substances used in the course of professional veterinary practice, the clinical treatment of animals used in university research or in IACUC-approved veterinary clinical trials by faculty and staff who are Maryland-licensed veterinarians and hold current DEA registration for veterinary use

For questions, contact James Bukowski, director, Occupational & Environmental Safety, by email or at 5-5918.