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MNet Transition to CTS

The Medicine Network team (MNet) is being transitioned into centralized IT support; this move is likely to reduce costs going forward, and aligns with general trends toward centralized IT management. Over the past decade, MNet and central IT have progressively aligned email, device selection, configuration and policies. The shift as of July 1, 2019 was precipitated by a very recent change in billing guidance.

In broad terms, the following changes should be anticipated:

  • Support for computers supported currently by MNet
    • The new support group (as of July 1) will be Client Technology Solutions (CTS), a part IT@JH
    • Support calls will go to 410-955-HELP, but 410-502-MNET/410-502-6638 will probably work for a while
    • A benefit of this change is 24/7 availability of the call center
    • Remote support ("remote control") will continue to be a preferred means to address concerns that can be resolved rapidly
  • Electronic device purchases
    • Authorized DOM personnel (divisional personnel who handle purchases) will handle computer/device purchases (MNet often provided this service previously, but CTS does not)
      • Remember that reimbursement for electronic devices shall not be allowed; computers, tablets, etc. must be purchased with JHU funds using established purchasing processes
      • Standard configuration purchases can be initiated via a Service Request using ServiceNow
      • Custom configurations can be explored in the TechHub at the corner of Wolfe and Ashland - in the former JHTV space next to Atwater’s, now accessible with JHM badge
    • CTS will configure purchased devices for use at JHM locations; delivery location for new device purchases should he coordinated with CTS and divisional administrative personnel
  • Storage
    • The MNet server team members will continue to manage “homer” and other NAS storage for the Department of Medicine
  • Questions: please direct these to divisional administrative staff. Stuart Ray ( can also be a resource for advice and concerns.

Kelsey Bennett