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Medicine Matters Home Administration Director’s Reflections: 2 Residency Programs, 1 Department

Director’s Reflections: 2 Residency Programs, 1 Department

As you know, this summer we conducted a massive undertaking to assess whether or not to integrate our internal medicine residency programs. This came out of a genuine desire to know if the programs could be made better by combining mentors, resources and facilities. Recognizing how important of a decision this was, we embarked on a rigorous process of assessment led by program directors Erica and Sanjay including the following:

  • 20 focus groups with 98 participants
  • 14 interviews with 16 individuals
  • 3 surveys with 449 unique responses

We’d like to once again thank Janet Serwint from the Department of Pediatrics for facilitating each one of our focus groups and interviews. Her detailed and unbiased report helped to paint a clear picture of the views and desires expressed, and greatly aided our final decision.

It became increasingly clear throughout the process that both programs have highly developed cultures and support resident education in a manner that honors their individual goals. We are proud to be a department with two incredible programs. And we will proudly celebrate each program’s unique culture and contributions to our mission while endorsing ways to better collaborate and share educational and research opportunities across campuses and between our programs.

As we move forward, we will establish an oversight council with membership by educational leaders representing both programs as well as all our ACSs. This council will work to identify, develop and facilitate shared opportunities for both residencies, to coordinate joint activities to enhance engagement between the residencies and to identify opportunities for efficiency and value. We will  combine the Pathways Program, beginning with the Medical Education Pathway and followed by the Physician Scientist Pathway, the Global Health Pathway and the Patient Safety and Quality Pathway, so that all residents will have an opportunity to access peers, mentors and resources that align with their career goals and special interests. We will continue to expand programs like GIMboree and Medicine for the Greater Good to both campuses and generate collaborative strategies involving hospital rotations, resident well-being and community engagement. Keep an eye out for our revamped education website that will better highlight both programs as well as opportunities open to all residents.

Please accept our thanks to everyone who participated in focus groups, responded to surveys and helped us reach this important decision. We are especially grateful to Erica Johnson (Program Director, Bayview Internal Medicine Residency) and Sanjay Desai (DOM Vice Chair for Education and Program Director, Osler Medical Residency). Their enthusiasm, authentic collaboration, mutual respect and friendship combined with very high standards for leading a comprehensive and transparent integration evaluation have been invaluable assets to our department and both of its residencies. It is because of your insight that we are confident our decision will help make both the Osler Medical Residency and the Bayview Internal Medicine Residency Program into the best possible programs for educating the future generations of physicians.

-Mark and David


Mark Anderson