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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: October 18, 2019

Epic Tip of the Week: October 18, 2019

Maryland Confidential Morbidity Report Available in Hyperspace

  • The report can be found under More Activity (bottom left of workspace) or by using the Chart Search at the top right of the screen - “DHMH 1140 – Confidential Morbidity Report.”
  • Users complete the report and generate a PDF, which is saved to the Media Tab of Chart Review as a hyperlink (DHMH Reporting) and opened with Adobe Reader. Completing the Maryland Confidential Morbidity Report

Inpatient/Ambulatory: New Dragon Features

  • Wake-up Word: Introduces voice commands to turn the microphone on and off. When your microphone is on, say "go to sleep" to put the microphone in standby mode, pausing dictation. While in standby mode, say "wake up" when you're ready to continue dictating. For more information, please view this video.
    • Does not work with PowerMic Mobile
    • Additional button configuration for PowerMic II, III and Philips SpeechMike: Program the following four buttons on your PowerMics: Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop/Play and Custom Left.
  • Rapid Navigation: Check the button, "Optimize for rapid navigation," in order for Dragon to separate your dictation into the fields where you placed your cursor.

Inpatient: New or Edited MOLST Automatically Prints

  • If the MOLST was created or edited during a hospitalization, it will print along with the After Visit Summary (AVS). The following message will display in the AVS: "Attached is a copy of the Orders for Life-Sustaining or Scope of Treatment form that was created/edited during your visit (MOLST, MOST, or POLST). Please post this on your refrigerator so emergency personnel know what care you want and do not want to receive."
  • The MOLST will not print with the AVS if it was created in a previous encounter and no updates were made during the current encounter.

Inpatient: ICU Rounding Note (effective 10/22/19)

  • From the Notes activity, search for Note Type, "ICU Daily Rounds," to access note template "JHM IP ICU Daily Goal." This replaces SmartText "JHM AD ICU Daily Goals."
  • NoteWriter opens on the left of your screen; the note appears on the right. Click the Summary tab at the top of the note; the Sidebar Report will appear.
  • If the ICU Daily Goals report does not default, search using the magnifying glass. From the ICU Daily Goals Sidebar report provides more information about the patient to assist in completing the NoteWriter fields.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

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Kelsey Bennett