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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: October 4, 2019

Epic Tip of the Week: October 4, 2019

Epic Upgrade: October 3, 2019 Go-Live for version May 2019

Epic Upgrade – In Basket [New Look]: Assigning Responsibility When Forwarding

  • When forwarding messages, click the empty circle next to a recipient’s name to assign responsibility.
  • A solid circle means a recipient already has responsibility.

Epic Upgrade – Haiku or Canto [New Feature]: Close a Chart That’s Open on Your Own Phone or Tablet

If you can't sign a visit in Hyperspace because you also have the chart open in Haiku or Canto, click ‘Exit Patient’ to release your own lock.

Epic Upgrade – MyChart: At a Glance Visuals for Patient-Entered Questionnaire Series

Questionnaire series responses entered in MyChart are visible in the SnapShot report of the Active Questionnaire Series section. Click on the link to review multiple series responses trending in a graph.

Epic Upgrade – Orders [Key Change]: Drug-Disease Interactions

Drug-disease interaction warnings are no longer automatically checked when a diagnosis is added from the patient's problem list. Interactions are reviewed when the medication/problem was initially added.

Epic Upgrade – Inpatient [New Feature]: Social Determinants of Health

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) include social and environmental factors that affect a patient's health status.
  • The SDOH wheel is a summary of an individual patient’s risk factors located in the Overview report of the Summary activity.
  • Hover over the 10 individual segments to view the patient’s responses that contributed to the current risk factor level.
  • Click the History and Social Determinants section in the Admission navigator to view and edit the assessment questions.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

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Kelsey Bennett