Documentation Query Response Metric

Documentation Query Response Metric is one of the DOM’s three active, FY20 clinical incentive metrics (announced in June).

The Query Response Incentive Metric

  • Only applies to faculty with at least 5 queries within the fiscal year
  • Answering 80% of all queries within 96 hours is the threshold for all-or-nothing credit
  • This threshold may increase in the future

Query responses and clarifying queries

  • Faculty need to respond to all queries, even if sent to you in error or if unclear
  • Answering “not my patient” or “need more information” count as responses
  • When possible, query writers try to send the resources (definitions of terms, attached Epic notes) you need to answer the question; it is always reasonable to ask for information if it seems like something the query writer could provide
  • If the query is re-sent with clarifying information, it will be counted as a new query instance and the clock restarted

Notification preferences in Artifact Health

  • Take a minute to configure your notification preferences (under the Settings tab on both the smart phone app and the web-based version of Artifact)
  • For real time alerts, we recommend turning on text message, email and badge number alerts
  • We also recommend daily email reminders

As a reminder, documentation queries…

  • Facilitate accurate performance on external metrics (Maryland GBR, CMS star rankings, US News, etc…) and thus impact our financial stability and our ability to support clinical personnel
  • Require timely responses to enable any follow-up queries and to allow timely submission of hospital claims


  • Direct questions to Sarah Disney, administrative director for inpatient operations:
  • Details on the full incentive plan are available at DOM Faculty Portal.