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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: November 1, 2019

Epic Tip of the Week: November 1, 2019

MyChart: New Appointment Questionnaires Available to Send to Patients

  • Type "promis cat" to see full list of patient questionnaires.
  • Refer to the MyChart – Sending Questionnaires to Patients tip sheet for information on attaching questionnaires to MyChart messages, locating completed questionnaires and attaching questionnaires to future appointments.

Cologuard SmartPhrase Added Automatically to Patient Instructions

When ordering Cologuard from the SmartSet, the “.cologuard” SmartPhrase will be added automatically to Patient Instructions.

Pulmonary Rehab SmartText and Navigator Improvements

Significant improvements enhance usability:

  • New flowsheet opens immediately in the Referrals navigator section, displaying answers physicians selected when placing the referral
  • The section previously named "Patient Assessment" has been renamed "Referral Source"
  • Document vital sign data directly in the Vitals section or document via the link in the flowsheet activity, as before
  • Smaller font size and the ability to easily document efficiently within the Progress Note SmartTexts, Flowsheet tables and Physical Exam

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

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Kelsey Bennett