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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: November 22,2019

Epic Tip of the Week: November 22,2019

**Quarterly Upgrade – December 12, 2019**

Introduction to Storyboard – [Effective 12/12/19 for Pilot users / Effective 3/19/20 for all users]

  • Current “header” moves to left vertical side of screen & “navigator sections” move to horizontal position
  • Provides faster access to key patient details and common actions without moving between screens

Three Goals:

    • Provides a patient summary
    • Reduces clicks and jumps between screens [~20]
    • Features better use of screen real estate
    • Hover to discover; Click to take action

Update to Multi-Provider Schedule Reports [Now Effective 11/26/19 – old date 11/21/19]

  • The number of reports available from the Multi-Provider Schedule is dependent on the clinicians log in department.
  • Use the wrench to save your favorite reports as quick buttons on the reports pane.
  • To create new “Quick Buttons,” click on the Wrench on the Reports Pane Toolbar.
  • Click in an open field, type the report name and click accept.
  • The quick button is accessible on the Report Pane Toolbar. Click the button to open the report.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

Epic Training Portal link

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Kelsey Bennett