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Medicine Matters Home Congratulations Faculty Promotions and Additions

Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to the below faculty members who were recently promoted.

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

  • Eric Gapud, Rheumatology
  • Emily Insetta, CIMS
  • Gigi Liu, General Internal Medicine
  • Michelle Sharp, Pulmonary
  • Homa Timlin, Rheumatology
  • Scott Vasher, CIMS

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who joined the department last quarter.

  • Mohammed E. Al-Sofiani, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Endocrinology
  • Ari Michael Cedars, Associate Professor (PAR), Cardiology
  • Turja Chakrabarti, Instructor, GIM
  • Paul M. Coen, Adjunct Associate Professor, Endocrinology
  • Mary Elizabeth Craig-Buckholtz, Instructor, GIM
  • Doan Y. Dao, Assistant Professor, GI
  • Stephanie S. DeLoach, Instructor, GIM
  • Rebecca Carter Engels, Assistant Professor, GIM
  • Maria L. Golson, Instructor, Endocrinology
  • Michaelle M. Halaby Holmes, Instructor, GIM
  • Elizabeth R. Hamilton, Instructor, GIM
  • Julius Ho, Assistant Professor, CIMS
  • Megan Marie Hosey Mastalerz, Instructor, Pulmonary
  • Catherine Gorman Ireland, Associate Professor (PAR), GIM
  • Deok-Ho Kim, Joint, Cardiology
  • Poonum S. Korpe, Instructor, ID
  • Matthew Long, Instructor, Cardiology
  • Minhal Makshood, Instructor, GIM
  • Jesse McDermeit, Assistant Professor, GIM
  • Brian James Miller, Assistant Professor, GIM
  • Juhi Suresh Moon, Instructor, ID
  • Sushma Nagaraj, Research Associate, GI
  • Matt T. Oberdier, Instructor, Cardiology
  • Calvin Willima Parker, Adjunct Professor, GIM
  • Richard E. Pratley, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology
  • Nathan Loftus Price, Instructor, Geriatrics
  • Rohan Shah, Research Associate, GIM
  • Kate Shearer, Instructor, ID
  • Kevin Shenderov, Instructor, GIM
  • Jennifer Rachel Shiroky, Adjunct Associate Professor, GIM
  • Lauren M. Sparks, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology
  • James Michael Stevenson, Assistant Professor, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Joanna Yi Wang, Instructor, GIM
  • John A. Woller, Assistant Professor, GIM

Kelsey Bennett