Epic Tip of the Week May 22, 2020

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Haiku/Canto Patient Lists – Infection/Isolation Icon [Effective May 21, 2020]

  • ​Haiku/Canto versions 9.2.2 or 9.3 display an infection/isolation icon in Patient Lists when appropriate.
  • This icon will not display if you have not updated to versions 9.2.2 or 9.3

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Zoom Upgrade

  • Zoom will stop working on 5/30/20 if you have not upgraded to version 5.0 on all devices
  • Hospital managed devices will upgrade automatically

Inpatient & Ambulatory: TTE Order Questions

  • Complete the new order questions when placing an Inpatient transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE), as defined by the ACCF 2011 Appropriate Use Criteria for Echocardiography.
  • Responses cascade to final answers of (A) Appropriate, (U) Uncertain, or (R) Rarely appropriate.  This change is designed to increase provider awareness and use of Appropriate Use Criteria.

Ambulatory/Telemedicine: Billing Reminders & Documentation Hard Stops

  • General ambulatory billing tips are found here: Ambulatory Billing Tip Sheet
  • Only include Indirect Time (i.e., researching Chart Review) in your time-based level of service (LOS) for these payers: Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, United
  • If you use a non-compliant HIPAA platform (FaceTime, Doximity, Google Duo, etc.), please ensure you add the .TMHIPAA dot phrase in your documentation
  • Approved Telemedicine (“.TM”) Dot Phrases are REQUIRED to Close Video/Telephone Encounters (must use 1 of the following):
    • .TMVISIT: standard video visit documentation
    • .TMVISITPSYCH: standard video visit documentation with Psychiatric/Mental Health customization based on state and legal guidance
    • .TMPHONE: standard telephone visit documentation along with using the 52 modifier
    • .TMPHONEPSYCH: standard telephone visit documentation with Psychiatric/Mental Health customization based on state and legal guidance.
  • Video/Telephone encounters not closed prior to 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 7 may include outdated dot phrases. Remove the old and re-enter one of the phrases above to ensure closure.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

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