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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: May 8, 2020

Epic Tip of the Week: May 8, 2020

Inpatient & Ambulatory: New Haemonetics Information workspace to monitor Haemobank eligibility

  • The Haemonetics Dashboard is for clinicians at JHH and JHOC to assist in blood transfusion workflows.
  • This dashboard is found inside the Blood Bank Information report which is available via the Ambulatory Snapshot and the Inpatient Summary activities.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: SARS CoV-2 Serum Antibodies order to Quest and Labcorp

  • Search for ‘COVID’ => SARS-CoV-2IgG – Quest and LabCorp Only (LAB50357)
  • The ordering provider attests whether the patient meets the protocol and is currently symptomatic.
  • LabCorp and Quest are NOT accepting this order for symptomatic patients
  • Alternatively, if the patient is symptomatic, order SARS-CoV-S1 SUBUNIT IGG AND IGA, SERUM (LAB49760) which is only sent to JHM Resulting agencies.
  • FAQs can be found here.

Inpatient: Notify Family button added Message History report

  • Clinicians send updates to friends and family of admitted patients through the new Notify Family button.
  • Positive results will be communicated by HEIC (Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control) via push notifications.
  • Within the button's submenu a message history report is available to see messages sent within the patients’ current visit.
  • Tip sheet: Communication - Send Updates to Friends and Family About an Admitted Patient's Progress

Inpatient: New Illness Severity Column [Effective 5/12/20]

  • The Illness Severity Column can be added to the Patient List.
  • Initially, the column displays a patient’s illness severity as a ‘dash.’ Click within the cell to update it.
  • The link, ‘View/Update Illness Severity,’ can be accessed from the Patient List and within the patient’s chart under the handoff or within the sidebar report.
  • A SmartPhrase (.illnessseverity) can be added when writing the handoff and refreshes when the illness severity is updated.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

Epic Training Portal link

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Kelsey Bennett