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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: July 10, 2020

Epic Tip of the Week: July 10, 2020

FYI: Quarterly Epic Upgrade July 16, 2020

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Less Cluttered Problem List [NEW LOOK – Effective 7/16/20]

Labels removed from several button icons reduces wrapping and scrolling in the Problem List section and provides consistency with other locations in Epic.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Turn off Duplicative Secure Chat Notifications [NEW FEATURE - Effective 7/16/20]

  • Update Desktop Notification Settings by clicking on the settings icon in the Secure Chat Activity to eliminate duplicative Secure Chat Hyperspace notifications when using Haiku, Canto or Rover.
  • Move the pop-up notifications on the screen and messages will appear in that location moving forward.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Secure Chat – Opt-In Groups [NEW FEATURE – 7/16/20]

  • Users can join an “opt-in” group if they currently do not have the ability to sign into a department or group (e.g. all ambulatory users) to communicate with others at your facility.
  • Opt-in groups permit users to receive Connexall alarms and alerts via PC and mobile devices (Haiku/Canto/Rover).
  • To create an opt-in group submit a Jira enhancement request to the Johns Hopkins Epic Team or contact your local Clinical Informatics representative.
  • The Tip Sheet can be found here.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Edit Notes While Cosigning with Attestation [KEY CHANGE - effective 7/16/2020]

Click the pencil icon to edit cosign-required notes during attestation without taking over authorship of the note and without leaving the attestation workflow.

Ambulatory: LOS Automatic Speed Buttons [Key Change - Effective 7/16/20]

  • Epic automatically creates speed buttons for clinicians who have not set this up on their own. The codes will reflect the users most commonly used levels of service.
  • Modify speed buttons by clicking on the wrench:
    1. Click on the wrench
    2. Click +Add for a box
    3. Enter a caption for the button and a level of service
    4. Click Accept on the Edit LOS Speed Button window
    5. Click Accept on the Speed Button selection window

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

Epic Training Portal link

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Kelsey Bennett