Epic Tip of the Week August 28, 2020

Inpatient: JHH Cisco Jabber FAQs

  • Cisco Jabber app allows users to call over Wi-Fi through Rover on the new hospital provided iPhones and Haiku on your personal devices
  • The change impacts physicians (attendings, fellows, residents), APPS and nurses assigned to a JHH inpatient’s treatment team
  • The change also impacts various (though not all) ancillary services e.g. phlebotomy, social work, VAT team, etc.
  • Download the app through the Comp Portal on your personal device to receive automatic updates. Install Jabber here.
  • Providers must sign-in and associate with their role and treatment team. Tip Sheet is here.
  • Do not use assign me – providers will not receive code or emergency alerts and alarms.
  • Important notes:
    • Epic Secure Chat remains the primary tool for messaging. Jabber functions as your unique phone number while on a Wi-Fi network.
    • CORUS will continue to be used for initiating consults.
    • Pagers are not yet being replaced.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Limited English Proficiency Workflow

  • All documentation regarding preferred language and need for an interpreter will be completed on the Clinical Information tab of the Demographics activity.
  • Access the Demographics Activity by clicking on the Storyboard banner noting a patient’s language-related needs, or by looking up “Demographics” in Chart Search
  • Check out theLanguage/Communication Workflow for additional details 

Inpatient: Discharge Milestone Trackingto Prevent Discharge Delays

  • Automatically track a patient’s progress toward discharge when discharge preparation tasks are completed, such as completion of discharge medication reconciliation and entry of the Patient Ready for Discharge order.
  • View the discharge status from the Patient List by adding the “Discharge Milestone Progress” column to your Patient List or view from the Discharge Navigator
  • Providers can document within the milestone section
  • The Tip Sheet is here.

Inpatient: “Requested Unit” in Admission Order

  • ​To help guide placement of patient populations who typically reside on a particular unit, the “Requested Unit” field was added to admission orders
  • This is not a guarantee of placement and is not a required field

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

Epic Training Portal link

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