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Medicine Matters Home Administration Financial Relief for COVID-19–Related Caregiving Costs

Financial Relief for COVID-19–Related Caregiving Costs

This week, both JHU and JHHS announced temporary benefit programs to help employees with COVID-related caregiving costs.


The COVID-19 Caregiving Relief Fund will reimburse eligible university employees and students for new and unanticipated expenses incurred for child care and other caregiving, as well as caregiving-related distance learning, educational support, and technology needs arising from changes in your regular routines as a result of the pandemic. The program is designed to provide the greatest assistance for those having the greatest demonstrated need. The program is open to all full-time employees as well as doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, interns, and trainees.

For the full announcement from Ron Daniels, Sunil Kumar and Heidi Conway, click here.

JHHS Employees

Developed to help employees whose finances have been negatively affected due to the pandemic, the EASE program is available to all JHHS employees and works in conjunction with other employee emergency assistance programs that are available at member organizations. The EASE program allows JHHS employees to apply one (1) time within a rolling 12-month period. This new, enhanced caregiver benefit allows full time benefits eligible JHHS employees and its affiliates’ employees with salaries up to $175,000 to apply for additional funds on top of that.

For the full announcement from Kevin Sowers and Inez Stewart, click here.

Q&A Session

On October 1, the DOM hosted an information session with experts from Johns Hopkins Benefits and Worklife. The session included a comprehensive review of JHU's Family and Caregiving programs including the COVID-19 Caregiving Relief Fund (CCRF) and responses to FAQs.

Find the slides from the JHU Office of Benefits & Worklife here.

View a recording of the meeting here.

For JHHS resources and the application for financial relief for COVID-19 caregiving resources, click here.


Kelsey Bennett