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Medicine Matters Home Nursing Matters Epic Tip of the Week: November 13, 2020

Epic Tip of the Week: November 13, 2020

Ambulatory: Telemedicine => Cisco WebEx Support Tips

  • Reminder => Cisco WebEx requires Chrome as your browser and does not work with Internet Explorer. Set Chrome as your default browser here. Cisco WebEx also works with ‘Safari’ on your mobile device.
  • Only access Epic through MyCloud to conduct Video Visits. Using your virtual desktop top is not recommended.
  • What to do if I can’t hear patient or provider?
  • “Sign in” to Cisco WebEx here to take full advantage of Cisco’s features.
    • Use
    • “Sign in” once every 90 days on a private workstation.
  • Find more Telemedicine Troubleshooting tips here on the Epic Training Portal.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: COVID/Influenza Testing [Effective Monday, 11/16/20 @ 6 am]

  • The principal COVID-19 test order is repurposed to include testing for Influenza, which is only suitable for Inpatient and ED settings while prevalence is low in the community.
    • Symptomatic Immunocompetent ED & Inpatients: “Flu A+B/RSV + SARS CoV-2 NAT NP Swab, Symptomatic” (“Fluvid”) test should be ordered for symptomatic ED and inpatients who are not immunocompromised.
      • The question “Is the patient having COVID symptoms?” defaults to “Yes”
    • Symptomatic Ambulatory Patients: Until influenza is more prevalent in the community, the test “SARS CoV-2 NAT, NP Swab, Symptomatic” should be placed for ambulatory patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
      • The question “Is the patient having COVID symptoms?” defaults to “Yes”
    • Asymptomatic Patients: “SARS-CoV-2 NAT, Nasal Swab, Asymptomatic” should be placed for asymptomatic patients.
      • The question “Is the patient having COVID symptoms?” defaults to “No”
  • The “Respiratory Pathogen Panel + SARS CoV-2 NAT, NP swab” order, for symptomatic immunocompromised patients, is available.
  • “Accula,” POCT testing of asymptomatic patients, is available in limited settings.
  • More information can be found in this slide presentation.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: MyChart => Displays “My Teams” Dashboard Components

  • Patient Care Team (ambulatory) and Treatment Team (inpatient) members display to patients in MyChart, in anticipation of the 21st Century Cures Act; therefore, please ensure the names on these teams are accurate.
  • The components, My Current Care Team and My Current Treatment Team, are available to add to any dashboard.
  • Click on one of the ‘blue roles’ in either component to display a report that lists all patients for whom you have that role. Also, add to or remove yourself from each patient.
  • Find more information here: My Care Team Dashboard Component
  • Location-Specific Provider Teams:

All provider team names are preceded by the prefix of their associated hospital to prevent accidentally adding a team for one hospital to a patient located at another hospital [ACH, BMC, JHH, SH, and SMH].

Inpatient: Request Platelet Service Using Epic

  • Clinicians can no longer use CORUS to access the Platelet Service .
  • Instead, enter the Referral to Platelet Service order in Epic.
  • Use the “JHH – Platelet Coordinators: All” Secure Chat group to contact the on-call Platelet Coordinator directly.
  • Find more information on Secure Chat here.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

Epic Training Portal link

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