Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center Pilot/Feasibility Projects

The Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center was established in June of 2011 to advance fundamental and translational gastrointestinal research at Hopkins. The core mission is to bring together GI investigators and encourage others in the community to enter this area of research. This is accomplished by:

  1. Providing cutting-edge resources that are too expensive or labor intensive to be maintained by most individual laboratories; and
  2. Generating an environment that supports the intellectual activities of Center members through seminars, symposia, and work-in-progress updates on GI-related research
  3. Funding Pilot/Feasibility projects

The Pilot/Feasibility Projects (P/FP) are key components of core activities. The goal of this program is to provide seed money for projects, eventually leading to successful competition for funding at the national level. The P/FPs provide $10,000-$25,000, typically given each year to up to 4 investigators/projects. Alternatively, up to $50,000 can be awarded for collaborative projects between a new investigator and a more senior investigator. There is no requirement for permanent residence status or US citizenship. Preference is given to young investigators (see criteria of eligibility below); funding is usually for one year. All recipients of P/FP project funding are required to submit a yearly update on their progress for 5 years and formal presentation of progress after the second year.

Pilot Project applications are due on February 15, 2021. Funding begins July 1, 2021.

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