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Medicine Matters Home Research 2021 DOM/WSE Research Retreat Recap

2021 DOM/WSE Research Retreat Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Department of Medicine/Whiting School of Engineering Research Retreat. Our first-ever, two-day virtual event was a challenge to coordinate, but ultimately succeeded in highlighting the remarkable innovations to come out of the DOM and WSE this past year. After a year of isolation, it was a joy to see so many people come together--even if it was from our separate work stations.

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, 2020 laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, delivered a captivating keynote address on "CRISPR-Cas9: Genome Editing and the Future of Medicine," drawing our peak viewership with 356 participants. Perhaps even more successful in a virtual format was our Spotlight on Research, featuring short presentations by:

  • Alexis Battle, PhD
    Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science
    “Integrative Data Analysis for Personalized Genomics”
  • Melanie Dispenza, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine in Clinical Immunology
    “Novel Strategies for the Prevention and Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis”
  • Jude Phillip, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and a core member in the Institute for Nanobiotechnology (INBT)
    “Human Ageing at Cell Resolution”
  • Elizabeth Luczak, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine in Cardiology
    “How to Repair a Failing Heart”
  • Sridevi Sarma, PhD
    Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering
    “Fragility in the Brain: A Biomarker for the Seizure Onset Zone in Epilepsy”
  • Florin Selaru, MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Meyerhoff Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center
    “Shape Changing Microdevices for Extended Drug Release”
  • Suchi Saria, PhD
    John C. Malone Associate Professor of Computer Science Associate Professor of Statistics and Health Policy
    “Shape Changing Microdevices for Extended Drug Release”
  • Janet Siliciano, PhD
    Associate Professor of Medicine in Infectious Diseases
    “Mechanisms of HIV-1 Persistence”

Featured speakers include Dr. Taekjip Ha, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, and Dr. Alison Molierno, Associate Professor in the Division of Hematology, who then led a panel discussion on “Clinical applications of CRISPR technology.”

DOM/WSE Research Retreat Day 1

DOM/WSE Research Retreat Day 2

You can view Dr. Anderson's State of Science slides here (login required)

To view the retreat program with the full list of abstracts, click here.

The winners of the research awards are in bold.

The W. Leigh Thompson in Excellence in Research Awards

Basic Research Faculty Finalists

Lama Al-Qusairi, PhD, Abstract 123

Ho Yee (Bonnie) Yeung, PhD, Abstract 117

Qinchuan Wang, PhD, Abstract 54

Basic Research Fellow Finalists

Carla Freire, MD, Abstract 37

Andreas Patsalos, PhD, Abstract 1

Mohanraj Sadasivam, PhD, Abstract 28

Clinical Research Faculty Finalists

Jacek Urbanek, PhD, Abstract 44

Kristin Bigos, PhD, Abstract 42

Ethel D. Weld, MD, PhD, Abstract 131

Clinical Research Fellow Finalists

Richard Ferraro, MD, MEd, Abstract 61

Sonya Krishnan, MD, Abstract 17

Anum Minhas, MD, Abstract 98

Erin Spaulding, RN, PhD, Abstract 62

Whiting School of Engineering Research Awards

Lab Excellence Award

Jeff Wang, PhD, Abstract 129


  • Fan-En Chen, BS
  • Joon Soo Park, MS
  • Alexander Trick, BS
  • Pengfei Zhang, MS

Trainee Award Finalists

Kaustav Bera, MTech, Abstract 118

Andy S. Ding, MS, MD, Abstract 136

Madi Kusmanov, MS, Abstract 134

Alexander Trick, BS, Abstract 59

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