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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: March 19, 2021

Epic Tip of the Week: March 19, 2021

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Personalization Freeze Prior to Epic Upgrade [Effective 3/21/21]

  • During the personalization freeze users will be unable to customize their workflows.
  • The personalization freeze begins at 6 p.m. on Sunday, 3/21/21 and ends when Epic becomes available on 3/25/21.
  • A complete list of affected activities is available here: Personalization Freeze
  • A new change:  SmartPhrases CAN be created during the freeze and are no longer limited during future upgrades.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: “The 21st Century Cures Act” – Information Blocking Rule [Effective 3/25/21]

  • The federal rule grants patients unrestricted access to electronic health information, including clinical notes and test results.
  • Find the link to Dr. Howard Levy’s presentation here.
  • To learn more [START HERE] Updated 21st Century Cures Act FAQs - Information Blocking Regulation
  • Key Points:
    • Problem based notes cannot be directly shared through MyChart. How to share these assessment & plan notes can be found here.
    • When placing an order, the “Standard” button is replaced with the defaulted “Immediate” button. Here are the current and future result release workflows.
    • When selecting “Manual” it will be necessary to provide the rationale for not allowing release; the result can still be released manually after it is finalized, if desired.
  • For more information follow the link located on the Epic Training Portal: 21st Century Cures Act Information

Ambulatory: Follow-Up With Me Order [Effective 3/25/21]

  • Clinic Staff should attend a webinar on Tuesday, March 23 at 12:30 p.m. to review the new “Follow-Up with Me: Order Scheduling” (link to webinar registration). The webinar content focuses on schedulers and MOC staff.
  • The Follow-up with Me Order replaces the Follow-Up section of the Wrap-Up activity.
  • The new order allows users to specify instructions to the patient that will appear on the AVS, as well as send instructions to scheduling staff. Tip sheet can be found here.
  • The workflow provides the ability to customize frequently used orders, place multiple follow-ups at once, and the patient ability to self-schedule via MyChart [division dependent].
  • The follow-up section in the Wrap-Up activity has been renamed “Chart Routing & Check-Out Note.” DO NOT USE THE FIELDS FOR ‘PATIENT RETURN’ AND ‘FOLLOW-UP INFORMATION’:
    • Doing so creates duplicative and possibly conflicting information on the patient's AVS.
    • The bottom portion of Chart Routing & Check-Out note section remains available for setting reminders, and routing the chart to another clinician.
    • There is a new "Follow-Up PRN" option in the Patient Instructions section that will display on the After Visit Summary (AVS).
  • Appointment requests for ED, Inpatients being discharged, and other practices or specialties, should continue to be scheduled using Ambulatory Referral orders.
  • Here is a Follow-Up With Me Order - Demo (~5.5 mins)
  • Howard Levy, MD and Danny Lee, MD lead you through this enhancement here: Follow Up with Me Video.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Floating Window to Edit and Attest Notes from In Basket [Effective 3/25/21]

  • When providers edit or attest notes from the Cosign Notes folder, the note editor appears in a floating window rather than sidebar.
  • Click the ‘Edit in Encounter’ or ‘Attest in Encounter’ buttons to pend your note and reopen it in the sidebar to obtain more information from patients' charts.

Ambulatory: Telemedicine Hot Topics – States of Emergency Telehealth Services Expiring [Data as of 3/17/21]

  • Emergency orders/states of emergency are starting to expire in many states. This impacts provider’s ability to perform telemedicine visits for out-of-state patients.
    • Delaware: unless you are a mental health professional (psychologists, mental health counselors, chemical dependency professionals and social workers) or currently hold a professional license issued by the State of Delaware, per the Division of Professional Regulation, telehealth visits with patients located in Delaware are no longer permitted.
    • Washington, D.C.: telehealth practice with established patients is set to expire at the end of the month (3/31), but likely to be extended until May (5/20)
    • Pennsylvania: the licensure waiver for Pennsylvania telehealth practice is set to expire in May
    • Florida: expires 4/26/21
    • New Jersey: expires 6/30/21
    • New York: expires 3/24/21
  • Refer to legal FAQs for information related to individual state waivers and licensing requirements
  • Please direct any general questions to JHM Telemedicine or legal-specific questions to Telemedicine Legal will be coming in future weeks.

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

Epic Training Portal link

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