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Annals of Internal Medicine: Clinical Cases Seeking Editor-in-Chief

The American College of Physicians (ACP), publisher of Annals of Internal Medicine (Annals), one of the most influential peer-reviewed clinical journals in the world, and the American Heart Association (AHA) announce a new partnership to jointly publish Annals of Internal Medicine: Clinical Cases (AIMCC). The digital, open access, peer-reviewed journal will publish case reports relevant to clinicians across the spectrum of medicine.

In support of this new initiative, the journal is searching for qualified candidates for the position of editor-in-chief (EIC). The editorial team, led by the EIC, will be responsible for upholding the efficient and careful peer-review and publishing practices that authors and readers have come to expect from Annals and the scholarly journals of the AHA. Initially, issues will be published bi-monthly online and publishing is expected to become more frequent over time.

The EIC is critical to the success of the journal and shall be an independent contractor with the expectation of offering a time commitment that will vary but anticipated to be approximately 10 hours/week. For your convenience, the working job description has been included for your review and referral.

Interested candidates should submit a short-form Curriculum Vitae and a letter outlining their interest and their most significant related qualifications to Guy Hudson, SVP Administrative Services (

Editor-In-Chief Position Summary

Scientific Integrity:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and adherence to highest scientific and ethical standards for research and publication practices.
  • Compliant with ACP requirements for conflict-of-interest disclosure and management.

Medical/Scientific Stature and Seniority:

  • Board-certified in internal medicine with practice experience.
  • Member of the American College of Physicians.
  • Broad knowledge of medicine.
  • Recognized as a leader in medicine and research with a peer-reviewed publication record.
  • Wide network of peer contacts, national and international.

Editorial Experience and Vision:

  • Experience in an editorial role with article decision-making authority for a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Knowledge of electronic publishing standards and practices.
  • Experience peer reviewing a variety of article types for a number of publications.
  • Familiar with the norms and standards of research, peer review, ethical publishing practices, and scholarly communications.
  • Clear understanding of the role of case reports in the hierarchy of clinical evidence.
  • Knowledge of other publications of case-based reports.
  • Creative thinking about innovative and engaging ways to present clinical case reports.

Administrative and Organizational Skills:

  • Familiar with the administrative and organizational requirements of managing a journal.
  • Experience collaborating with a small team of experts and staff.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness, innovation in managing complex and large tasks (e.g., clinical division director, residency or fellowship director, leadership position in a professional organization, organizing a major conference, or other similar leadership roles).


  • Proficient at clearly communicating, verbally and in writing, with diverse individuals at all levels with tack and diplomacy.
  • Collaborative, team-based approach with ability to successfully motivate and persuade.
  • Ability to build relationships within the medical community and represent the journal within it.

Leadership and Analytical Skills:

  • Vision and drive to build a new journal with a large readership that is known for its quality and consistent delivery of useful content.
  • Ability to attract and develop a team of Associate Editors that addresses the needs for expertise in the broad field of medicine.
  • Possess good analytical skills and sound strategic thinking.

Kelsey Bennett