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Medicine Matters Home Administration Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week occurs every year from May 6-12 in honor of the birthday of Florence Nightingale, known to be the founder of modern nursing. Nurses have an immeasurable impact in each of arm of our tripartite mission. From creating teachable moments for our trainees, to being compassionate care givers, to contributing to clinical patient research and academic literature, nurses are at the core of our mission and vision.

Every year, we honor and thank our nurses for their many varied contributions to our patients, department and all of Hopkins. This year, we are especially grateful for the flexibility and generosity of all of our nurses who stood steadfast on the frontlines of a global pandemic, donning extra layers of personal protective equipment, adapting to constantly-changing hospital policies and making our patients feel less alone when forced into isolation. It is times like these that make it clear who we should truly be celebrating as a society. Our nurses are real-life super heroes fighting for a brighter tomorrow, and are grateful to be on their team. In fact, despite being amongst the most severely ill, COVID-19 patients at The Johns Hopkins Hospital had some of the lowest mortality levels of any U.S. academic medical center. We believe that outstanding nursing care helped to drive this remarkable result.

Here are a few ways you can join in the Nurses Week celebration:

Also keep an eye out for our medical nursing leaders and they make their way around our clinics with ice cream treats. For more, check out this list of freebies and discounts for nurses.


Mark Anderson