Faculty Factory originated at Hopkins nearly four years ago with a mission to build and support a community of leaders in faculty development who share tools, resources, wisdom and encouragement in service to faculty members.

Part of this work has been a podcast series, which has been turned into a free eBook called Snippets for Success: An eBook Brought to You by the FacultyFactory Community. The eBook is a collection of the top podcast “snippet” episodes sorted by topic (communication, education, leadership, mentorship, research & scholarship and wellness). Each episode includes top takeaways and questions for your self-reflection. If you would like to record your own episode for the “Habits and Hacks from Hopkins” season (a casual 10-20 minute conversation where you talk about your routines, ideas, efficiencies or other career secrets), please email Kim Skarupski (kskarupski@jhmi.edu).

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