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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tip of the Week: August 6, 2021

Epic Tip of the Week: August 6, 2021

Epic Upgrade August 5, 2021

Below are upgrade key slides of interest, worth reviewing, in the attached powerpoint slides:

Ambulatory Slides

Inpatient Slides 

Inpatient & Ambulatory:

Results Release Comes to Chart Review

Inpatient Slide 19 / Slide 84

Note: MyChart Result Release activity now behaves like a streamlined version of Chart Review that consolidates all results into one view. To enter Comments and/or Result Notes to results, click on the Result Note activity within the

In Basket toolbar. For additional information click here.

Set Secure Chat Availability or Auto-Forwarding for a Colleague in Hyperspace & Mobile

Inpatient Slide 38 & 39 / Ambulatory Slide 25 & 26

In Basket Cosign & Incomplete Notes – Encounter Button Auto-Opens to Provider Choice

Inpatient Slide 43 / Ambulatory Slide 46

Replace Historical Immunizations with Administrations from Outside Sources

Inpatient Slide 13/ Ambulatory Slide 32

Update Haiku/Canto apps on personal device to Version 9.7 or later

Inpatient Slide 32 / Ambulatory Slide 58

Summary Report no longer displays Record Names with Toolbar Search

Inpatient Slide 54 / Ambulatory Slide 81

Use Chart Search to Jump to Summary Reports

Inpatient Slide 24 / Ambulatory Slide 100

Change Whether a Note is Shared with the Patient While Attesting

Inpatient Slide 22 / Ambulatory Slide 50

Ambulatory Only:                    

See All Recipients of an In Basket Message

Ambulatory Slide 52 

Inpatient Only:

First Call Mandatory for Inpatient Providers [Not included in the Inpatient Slides]

  • Signing In as ‘First Call’ is required for all hospitalized patients at JHBMC and JHH to identify the primary provider.
  • When the First Call provider is an actual person, Secure Chat is used to communicate within Epic. “Generic Providers” are contacted via CORUS or by calling the patient unit.
  • An alert appears for patients who have been hospitalized more than 6 hours without a First Call provider identified. Click “Accept” to place an order indicating the First Call provider.
  • ‘Sign In’ or ‘Sign In Others’ buttons, found in the Patient List toolbar, associate the provider with the provider team; this association is displayed in the Treatment Team, the Signed in Staff report [dynamic based on user log in], and facilitates team messaging. The tip sheet, Patient List – Sign

Screenshots of the above can be found here.

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

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Kelsey Bennett