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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Allergy and Clinical Immunology Fall Symposium

Allergy and Clinical Immunology Fall Symposium

Please join us for our 31st Annual Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center Fall Symposium on Friday November 12, 2021. Your host this year is Dr. Robert Hamiliton and he’s put together some great speakers to cover the topic: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Molecular Allergology!

Due to current COVID restrictions at Johns Hopkins, we will be virtual again this year. Please see zoom link below as well as the agenda.

9:00-9:10   Molecular Allergology
    Robert Hamilton
9:10-10:00   Historical Context, Properties, Nomenclature based Molecular Allergen Databases
    Richard Goodman, Univ of Nebraska
10:00-10:50   Molecular Characterization of Allergen Extracts using Mass Spectrometry
    Jay Slater, FDA
10:50-11:00   Morning Break
11:00-11:50   Molecular Allergen Epitope Assays as Replacement for Diagnostic Provocation tests
    Maria Suprun, Allergenis
11:50-12:30   Lunch Break
12:30-1:20   Molecular Allergen Exposure Assessment: Avoidance or Not?
    Martin Chapman, Indoor Biotechnology
1:20-1:30   Afternoon Break
1:30-2:20   Molecular allergen specific IgG4 in passive transfer therapy of Allergic Patients
    Derek Croote, IgGenix

Kelsey Bennett