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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: October 29, 2021

Epic Tips: October 29, 2021

Epic Upgrade and Beaker Go-Live November 6, 2021 [Lab Application]

Epic Upgrade Personalization Freeze

  • Epic personalization is unavailable between 11/3/21 and 11/6/21.
  • The freeze will end immediately after Epic becomes available on Saturday, 11/6/21.
  • Tip: You can continue to create user SmartPhrases during the Personalization Freeze. Review the blog post

Below are upgrade key slides of interest, worth reviewing, in the attached PowerPoint slide decks:

Ambulatory Slides

Inpatient Slides

Beaker Slides 

Lab Orders & Results

Changes to Placing Orders in Epic

  • ​Beaker CP [clinical pathology] is replacing “Soft” and the current lab information system (LIS) for clinical pathology specimens, including microbiology, chemistry, hematology, urine chemistry, and coagulopathy tests.
  • Beaker CP provides consistent ordering, identification, organism names, and antimicrobial reporting/screening rules.
  • Changes to order workflows will occur with:
    • Consolidation [Beaker Slides 4-7]
    • Source/type [Beaker Slides 9 & 10]
    • Personal preference lists/Ordersets [Beaker Slide 15]
      • Lab order default source/types are removed and need to be reset by individual user.
      • No replacements are made for deactivated lab orders removed from personal Ordersets or User Preference lists.
      • An In Basket message will be sent with directions to order replacement tests for deactivated Standing orders that have been canceled.
    • New Extra Draw Order [Beaker Slide 19]
    • Research specimens will be consolidated to one order/container type.
    • Pending result components [Beaker Slides 21 & 22]
  • Please review the blog post here.

Ambulatory Only

Refining Reason for Visit and Visit Info Fields

Ambulatory Slide 11 & 12

Medical Devices Included in Care Everywhere

Ambulatory Slide 15

Edit, Delete, and Change Diagnoses from Associate Diagnoses Window

Ambulatory Slide 21

Rearrange Preference Lists

Ambulatory Slide 23

Orders Only Encounter Button in Rx Response Folder

Ambulatory Slide 32

Inpatient & Ambulatory

Treatment and Care Teams Activity has a New Look

Inpatient Slide 7 / Ambulatory Slide 17

Patient Station Updates

Inpatient Slide 5 / Ambulatory Slide 20

Home Medications & Prior to Admission Medications

Inpatient Slides 19 -21 / Ambulatory Slide 18

Enhanced Schedule II Prescription Orders

Inpatient Slide 29 / Ambulatory Slide 26

Easier Navigation between Workspaces

Inpatient Slide 33 / Ambulatory Slide 28

Rearrange Preference List Sections

Inpatient Slide 34 / Ambulatory Slide 23

Update Haiku & Canto to version 9.8

Inpatient Slide 38 / Ambulatory Slide 39

Edit/Addend Notes from Chart Review

Inpatient Slide 25 / Ambulatory Slide 61

Inpatient Only

New Workflow to Add-On Orders – Beaker CP

Inpatient Slides 15 - 17 / Beaker Slides 12 & 13

Event Log Replaces Inpatient Synopsis

Inpatient Slides 8 & 9

Toggle between Ordering Activities w/o Saving/Discarding Unsigned Orders

Inpatient Slide 22

Admission Medications during Discharge

Inpatient Slide 23

Edit Multiple Orders at Once

Inpatient Slide 28

Preserve Offset Start Times for Signed and Held Orders

Inpatient Slide 31

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

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Kelsey Bennett