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DOM’s Primary Care Practices Success in Maryland Primary Care Program

There are seven practices in the Department of Medicine that are participating in the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP): JHOC GIM, JHOC Medicine Resident practice, GSS GIM, Bartlett, Bayview GIM, Beacham and Comprehensive Care. This program is designed to support Medicare patients with team-based services through their primary care teams. Practices are awarded care management fees for their Medicare patients, as well as are involved in partial capitation payment initiatives. An added component is the opportunity for practices to receive incentive payments based on quality metrics, utilization measures as well as Patient Satisfaction scores.

Our practices have worked hard to meet the goals of the program and have earned nearly 50 percent of the potential incentive dollars from 2020 (which is significantly higher than the average for the CTO practices). This will help to support the needs of our patients, including health behavioral support, case management, pharmacy and transportation resources, to name a few.

In particular, our practices were high performers in the Patient Satisfaction score arena, reflecting the patient focused care that we take pride in. Thank you to all the practices and the great care they deliver every day to all of our patients.

-Kim Peairs, Vice Chair for Ambulatory Operations


Kelsey Bennett