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Human Aging Project Scholars Program Seeking Proposals

The Human Aging Project (HAP) at Johns Hopkins aims to bring together basic biologists, engineers and translational investigators to develop and implement novel diagnostics, treatments or preventive strategies that help maintain good health, function and cognition for all older adults. As part of this effort, the HAP Scholars Program has been launched to fund junior and mid-career faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds to work in this space, and to provide interdisciplinary resources for facilitating important new scientific discovery, translation and dissemination. To date, seven HAP scholars have been named at Johns Hopkins.

A new HAP scholar position is now being offered to focus on the development of research in basic aging biology through a competitive review process.  Up to $192,500 in direct funds as well as access to aging-focused research infrastructure will be provided over three years for this position. Examples include but are not limited to research into the aging impact of senescent cells, mitochondrial function, the physical properties of cells, DNA methylation and epigenetic status and aging-specific molecular pathways. In addition to outlining important questions and approaches, proposals should articulate the potential for clinical utility in the future.

Proposal Instructions:

A two-page application that includes:

  1. Hypothesis and specific aims of the study
  2. A description of the approach(es), including methods and statistical analysis
  3. Significance to the field of aging, as well as how findings might improve human health, function or cognition in older adults
  4. Brief budget that articulates the use of approximately $64,167 per year over three years
  5. An NIH biosketch

Please send applications, along with a NIH biosketch, to by December 15, 2021.


Kelsey Bennett