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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: March 18, 2022

Epic Tips: March 18, 2022

***FYI: Epic Upgrade March 17, 2022***

Below are upgrade key slides of interest worth reviewing in the attached PowerPoint slide decks:

Ambulatory Slides

Inpatient Slides

CHAT Feature added to Helpdesk Web Portal on 3/21/22 – Hot Topic!

  • Need Epic Help??? Click “Chat” in real time to speak with a live specialist
    • Log into Epic. Click the Epic Button [top left], scroll to Help, Epic Helpdesk, then “Chat”
    • Available 7am-7pm Monday thru Friday
    • High Priority tickets must be called into the Helpdesk by dialing 410-614-EPIC
  • Inpatient Slide 4 / Ambulatory Slide 93 (Screenshot available here.)

Results Review Activity Updated – Hot Topic!

  • Results Review has a sleek new look to make it easier to find the results you need
  • Inpatient Slides 15-24 / Ambulatory Slides 40 & 41
    • a - The Tree appears on the right by default.
    • b - Use the wrench to move the tree to the left and to change font size.
    • c - New results are highlighted. Click Time Mark to reset.
    • d - Use timeline, arrows and filters to navigate to different dates.
    • e - See ‘Not Resulted’ orders in lower right corner.
  • To learn more click the Results Review Comprehensive slide deck, Tip sheet and video. (Screenshot available here.)

Ambulatory Only

Updates to Episode Navigator Section

Ambulatory Slide 9

Easily Add Clinical References to Patient Instructions

Ambulatory Slide 20

Meds & Orders Renamed Medication Management

Ambulatory Slide 28

In Basket Result Note Sharing to MyChart

Ambulatory Slide 31

Do More with Patient Messages Sent from an Encounter

Ambulatory Slide 34

Enhanced Patient LookUp Tool – Hot Topic!

Ambulatory Slide 92 / Blog post

Designate Which Events Will Send Notifications

Ambulatory Slide 96

Requisitions can be Viewed & Printed from MyChart – Postponed!

Ambulatory Slide 97

Inpatient & Ambulatory

Updated History Navigator

Inpatient Slide 10 / Ambulatory Slides 42-45

Easier Routing of Notes from the Notes Activity

Inpatient Slide 40 / Ambulatory Slide 23

Enhanced Routing from Chart Review

Inpatient Slide 41 / Ambulatory Slide 16

Upgrade your Mobile Device to v9.9

Inpatient Slide 44 / Ambulatory Slide 58

In Basket: Procedure & Consult Note Changes

Inpatient Slide 52 / Ambulatory 24

Inpatient Only

Discharge Med Rec

Inpatient Slide 27

Enhanced Discharge Instruction Tools – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slide 29

Adult Face-To-Face Evaluation OrderSet Updated

Inpatient Slide 35

Dosing Frequency Updates for Order Composer

Inpatient Slide 37

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

For more Epic Upgrade Tips, click here.


Kelsey Bennett