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Faculty Annual Certification

The Annual Certification process through which faculty are required to certify or update their disclosures of outside activity and outside financial interests will begin on March 14 for the Department of Medicine.

Following is a brief overview of the Annual Certification requirement.

Completing Annual Certification

See the below User Guide on how to complete Annual Certification that is also available under the Help Desk tab of eDisclose. Questions from faculty about completing annual certification should be sent to

eDisclose - User Guide, How to Complete Annual Certification

Who is Required to Complete Annual Certification

Full-time and salaried part-time School of Medicine faculty members must log in to the eDisclose system, review their disclosures of outside activities and/or financial interests and update each disclosure as needed. Faculty must then complete the Annual Certification form to confirm that their disclosures are accurate and up-to-date. Faculty members who have no outside activities or financial interests to disclose must indicate this when they complete the Annual Certification.

Initial Notification, Reminders, and Due Date

Faculty will receive initial email notifications March 7 and weekly reminder emails thereafter throughout the month until their Annual Certifications are complete. The due date for completion of the Annual Certification is April 17, 2022.


In May, faculty who have not yet completed the Annual Certification will be notified by email that they are out of compliance with this requirement. We also will send a list of these faculty members to you and ask that you urge them to complete their Annual Certifications immediately. Completion of the Annual Certification is an essential part of adherence to School of Medicine policies and federal regulations.


Kelsey Bennett