Reverend Melvin B. Tuggle Community Excellence Award


The Reverend Melvin B. Tuggle Community Award was established in honor of lifelong East Baltimore resident Rev. Melvin B. Tuggle, II. Rev. Tuggle was the founder and chair of Heart, Body, and Soul, Inc., a partnership between CURE (Clergy United for Renewal in East Baltimore) and The Johns Hopkins Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Under Rev. Tuggle’s leadership, a strong liaison between the East Baltimore community and Johns Hopkins in East Baltimore was established. Rev. Tuggle was instrumental in obtaining grants to assure opportunities for members of the Hopkins community, faculty and students to generate and test new collaborative models of disease prevention and health promotion in the community. Rev. Tuggle strongly valued compassion and heart in the delivery of public health initiatives. 

Rev. Tuggle extended his efforts nationally to train others in neighborhood-centered public health programs in both cities and in rural America. His book on how to partner with churches to improve health through community engagement, It Is Well With My Soul, was published by the American Public Health Association and stands as a primer in best practices for successful community partnerships. The Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care offers this award to recognize and promote exceptional students, residents and fellows focusing on the health of East Baltimore in a sustainable way. 

This $2,000 award highlights the importance of partnership between Johns Hopkins and the efforts of community leaders in East Baltimore. $1,000 will be given to the student/fellow and $1,000 will be given to the community partner. 

Award Criteria 

One award will be given to a graduate student, resident or postdoctoral fellow who is working in the East Baltimore community to address access to health care, prevention programs and/or mitigation of social issues related to health. Rev. Tuggle highly valued work that demonstrates compassion for the East Baltimore community. Both virtual and in-person collaborations are eligible for the award. 


Awardees will be individuals currently matriculating in a degree program, residency or fellowship within The Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine, Public Health, or Nursing. The application should be supported by accomplishments as noted in the nomination narrative, with emphasis on hands-on community involvement. Self-nominations are accepted. 

Decision Process

A committee consisting of the Tuggle Family and community-centered faculty from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing will select the awardee. The awardee will be notified in early May 2022 and be given the award at a ceremony held on May 12th at 4:00pm. 

Sponsorship and Donations

The Reverend Melvin B. Tuggle Community Award is made possible by generous donations from friends of the East Baltimore community and colleagues of Rev. Tuggle. 

Application Instructions

Please submit your completed application by 12:00pm on Monday, April 18, 2022. Please remit all applications materials in the order listed below and as a single PDF or Word document. Only completed applications with all 4 components will be reviewed. Self-nominations will be accepted. 

  1. Application Cover Page 
  2. Description of Contributions in East Baltimore
    • Nature of the work
    • Partnerships and collaborations with community directly
    • Achievements and outcomes
    • Vision for sustainability of your work in East Baltimore
      *Narrative (up to two pages), 12-point font, 1-inch margins, single spaced3.
  3. Curriculum Vita
  4. Letters of Reference 

From one faculty member and one community member familiar with your work 

Key Dates

  • Submit Nomination: April 18, 2022, no later than 12:00 p.m. EST 
  • Notice of Award: early May 2022 
  • Award Ceremony: May 12, 2022, location TBA 

Please note that the award ceremony will be held in-person. We will switch to a virtual ceremony if COVID-19 positivity rates are high. 


Submit by email to


Megan Brown
Brancati Center Program Director

For the full RFA and Nomination Cover Page, click here.