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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: April 29, 2022

Epic Tips: April 29, 2022

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Event Reporting (Hero) in Epic [Effective May 10 , 2022]

  • Launch “Hero” directly in Epic while in an open patient chart.
  • The Quick Launch feature automatically populates patient identifiers in the event reporting system.
  • In Chart Search enter “Hero” or click More Activities in your navigator and select the “Hero – Submit an Event” option.
  • For more information click Event Reporting (Hero) – Quick Launch.

Inpatient: JHM Pneumoccocal Vaccine Updates

  • ​A BPA notifies the provider to order Prevnar 20 when adult patients, 65 years and older, consent to receive a Pneumococcal vaccine
    • Prior to printing the After Visit Summary (AVS), resolve the warning that appears for patients who receive splenectomy vaccines (including Prevnar 20), by documenting the administration on the MAR
    • Print the AVS in the Preview AVS section of the Discharge navigator
  • Review the blog post here

Ambulatory: Duplicate Therapy Alert

  • To reduce the risk of unintentional duplicate therapy, the number of active orders of the same therapeutic class that trigger a duplicate therapy alert has decreased.
  • This includes ALL roles as Epic cannot differentiate between MD, PA, NP, or Pharmacist.
  • This also applies to discharge orders.

Ambulatory: Addendum Pop-up Alert Issue with Edit Letter Action

  • When editing a letter within the Letters tab of Chart Review [Edit Letter button], users are prompted to create an addendum. Epic is working on a resolution.
  • In the interim and to avoid this prompt:
    • Click on the Letter Queue folder within your In Basket.
    • Select the patient letter to edit and click the Encounter button.
    • Edit the letter in the Communications tab.
  • Review the blog post here.

Ambulatory: Update to Default Expiration Date for Follow-up Orders

  • The default expiration date of all Follow-Up orders has changed from 3 years to 13 months.
  • Review the blog post here.

Ambulatory: Telemedicine Hot Topics – States of Emergency Telehealth Services Updates [Data as of 3/31/2022, Midnight]

  • The National Public Health Emergency [PHE] has been extended to July 15, 2022.
  • Emergency orders/states of emergency have expired in many states, affecting providers’ ability to perform telemedicine visits for out-of-state patients:
    • New Jersey: licensure waiver extension to 6/30/2022.
    • New York: licensure waiver extension to 4/30/2022. No updates.
    • Pennsylvania: licensure waiver extension to 6/30/2022.
    • Virginia: Expired 3/22/2022. No updates.
    • Washington, D.C.: licensure waiver extension to August 10, 2022 for established patients. Unvaccinated and/or Unlicensed providers must request an exception to perform telemedicine via the attestation form here.
  • Refer to legal FAQs for information related to individual state waivers and licensing requirements.
  • Direct general questions to JHM Telemedicine or legal-specific questions to Telemedicine Legal.

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Kelsey Bennett