Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to the below faculty members who were recently promoted.


  • Bimal Ashar, GIM
  • Peter Toth, adjunct professor, Cardiology (not pictured)

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who recently joined the department.

  • Adler Archer, joint appointment in General Internal Medicine
  • Shankar Awasthi, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC
  • Muhammad Asif Aziz, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC
  • Motaz Baibars, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC
  • Daniel Carpenter Belz, instructor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
  • Michael W. Bourne, instructor, Cardiology
  • Karan Pankaj Desai, assistant professor, Cardiology
  • Daisy Duan, assistant professor, Endocrinology
  • Trushar M. Dungarani, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC
  • Stephen John Gange, joint appointment in Infectious Diseases
  • Umesh KC, instructor, Hospital Medicine at JHBMC
  • Kai-Li Liang, instructor, Bayview Internal Medicine
  • Divyanshu Malhotra, assistant professor, Nephrology
  • Carolyn Mcllree, instrutor, Addiction Medicine
  • Anum Minhas, assistant professor, Cardiology
  • Prakash Nadkarni, visiting scientist, Nephrology
  • Ronak Patel, instructor, Bayview Internal Medicine
  • Masoud Rouhizadeh, adjunct assistant professor, GIM
  • Afsheen Siddiqui, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC
  • Kathia Smith, instructor, Bayview Internal Medicine
  • Mojgan Sohi, instructror, GIM
  • Taha Taha, joint appointment in ID
  • Joseph Tejan, instructor, Cardiology
  • An-Chi Wei, visiting scientist, Cardiology
  • Eunyoung Yang, instructor, Hospital Medicine JHBMC