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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: May 27, 2022

Epic Tips: May 27, 2022

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Willow Ambulatory [WAM] - Epic for Outpatient Pharmacies

  • When: June 11, 2022
  • Why: Integrates prescribing and dispensing of medications into a single system
  • Highlights:
    • View prescription info and fill status in Dispense History, Medication Management, and Discharge Med Rec sections
    • Prescription changes automatically update Outpatient Pharmacy medication records
    • Patient initiated refill requests are generated through MyChart
    • Patients are notified when medications are ready for pick-up through MyChart
  • IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: As a result of this go-live, some medications sent to JHM pharmacies will be duplicated on the medication list. In addition, some previously discontinued medications that were filled at a JHM pharmacy in the past 12 months may be added back to the medication list.
    • An alert will appear in the right sidebar in Ambulatory encounters for affected patients.
    • All medications that were duplicated or restored to the list will have “ARCHIVE” as the first part of the pharmacy name.
    • When discontinuing a duplicate medication, always remove the one at the “ARCHIVE” pharmacy and always use a discontinue reason of “Duplicate entry.”
    • Review the tip sheet here.
  • Questions? Contact the outpatient pharmacy at JHH or JHBMC.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: View External Lab, Radiology, & Other Requisitions in MyChart

  • Requisitions sent to external resulting agencies can be downloaded and printed from MyChart.
  • Navigate to Menu, ‘Upcoming Tests and Procedures’, and click download document to print requisition.
  • Review the blog post and tip sheet here.

Inpatient & ED: Complex Medication Instructions and Tapers

  • Longer medication sigs support up to 1000 characters and may be entered into the Complex Med Instructions section of the Discharge Navigator.
  • NOTE: These instructions are not communicated with the pharmacy and only display after the medication list in the Discharge AVS.
  • Review this 1 minute workflow summary It’s Possible: Ordering Tapers and Ramps.

Ambulatory: Efficiently Respond to In Basket Messages with QuickActions

Ambulatory: Telemedicine Hot Topics – States of Emergency Telehealth Services Updates [Data as of 5/10/2022]

  • The National Public Health Emergency [PHE] has been extended to July 15, 2022.
  • Emergency orders/states of emergency have expired in many states, affecting providers’ ability to perform telemedicine visits for out-of-state patients:
    • New Jersey: licensure waiver extension to 6/30/2022.
    • New York: licensure waiver extension to 5/30/2022.
    • Pennsylvania: licensure waiver extension to 6/30/2022.
    • Virginia: New law for established pts seen in-person w/in last 12 mo. by an approved provider role in same specialty
    • Washington, D.C.: licensure waiver extension to August 10, 2022 for established patients. Unvaccinated and/or Unlicensed providers must request an exception to perform telemedicine via the attestation form here.
  • Refer to legal FAQs for information related to individual state waivers and licensing requirements.
  • Direct general questions to JHM Telemedicine or legal-specific questions to Telemedicine Legal.

-Juliet Allen, MSN, RN, Business Solutions Analyst, Health IT Optimization & User Wellbeing

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

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