Hugh Calkins, Marvin H. Weiner and Jaqueline J. Bernstein Cardiac Arrhythmia Center

Cardiology is celebrating a new milestone this spring, thanks to a transformative gift from a grateful patient. Mr. Marvin H. Weiner has recently made a $7.5 million commitment to establish The Hugh Calkins, Marvin H. Weiner and Jaqueline J. Bernstein Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, the first named center within the Division of Cardiology to be fully endowed through philanthropy.

Mr. Weiner’s decision to endow the center is grounded in a relationship with Dr. Hugh Calkins, professor in the Division of Cardiology, that extends over 25 years of care. They first met in 1996, and over time, Dr. Calkins became a trusted cardiologist, medical advisor and friend  to Mr. Weiner. In creating this center, Mr. Weiner had three main goals. First, he wanted to honor Dr. Calkins’s clinical skills, compassion and three decades of leadership of the Arrhythmia Program at Johns Hopkins. His second goal was to provide the resources to fuel research that ultimately will end death and suffering due to cardiac arrhythmias. Finally, he wished to  inspire others to follow his lead and make their own transformative investments in cardiovascular research. Mr. Weiner’s gift is tangible confirmation of his appreciation for Dr. Calkins’ expertise, accessibility and empathy.

Mr. Weiner is a successful Baltimore-based entrepreneur and businessman who over the course of 45 years expanded his company from a public refrigerated warehouse in Mount Airy to  broad-reaching businesses focused on refrigerated railcars. He is Chairman of MHW Group, which provides refrigerated rail, truck and warehousing supply chain services.  He has served as the President of the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School and Chairman of the Board of the Beth Tfiloh congregation in Pikesville, in addition to his service on the board of the B&O Railroad Museum.