Summer Interns and Summer Hires

If you are considering hiring an intern or casual employee this summer, please contact your HR team as soon as possible to start the process (as it can take about 45 days). Below are a few options when considering summer help.

View the Department of Medicine Request for Volunteers/Casual Summer Assignments to get started.

MERIT Program Clinical Preceptors

Summer Internship Details:

  • July 5th - August 5th
  • Mondays - Thursdays
  • AM Session (9am - 12pm)
  • PM Session (1pm - 4pm)
  • 45 Sophomores
  • ASK: Minimum of 45 Volunteers two times a week

2022 MERIT Clinical Preceptor Sign-up

Email: or for more information.

 Summer Internship Options

  • High School and Undergraduate Students from outside colleges: Sponsoring faculty (or their departmental designee) register PI’s program for the student experience:
  • Graduate or medical students from outside institutions or other schools and/or programs within JHU coming to SOM: Appointed through the SOM Registrar’s Office
  • Paid casual employees: Hired through the standard HR process – expedite through the HRC
  • JHU Students: Allowed to participate in any research, clinical or shadowing opportunity with or without compensation (pay or academic credit) as long as it has educational value. Handled through JHU Experiential Learning (student employment)
  • Guests: Unpaid visitors on campus for 2 weeks or less who do not require a JHED ID or badge. (e.g., “Shadow” or “Observe”)

Internships and Casual Hires

High School & Undergraduate Students from Outside Colleges/Universities (Paid or Unpaid)

  • Sponsoring faculty (or their departmental designee) answer questions regarding the student experience:
  • Here for 3+ weeks with SOM for an educational opportunity
  • Will undergo background check and Occupational Health Screening
  • Receives a JHED and badge

Graduate/Medical Students from Outside Institutions or Other Schools in JHU Coming to SOM (Paid or Unpaid)

  • Are current graduate students at another institution participating in activities at JHU, that are related to their educational program
  • Here for 6-8 weeks
  • Appointed as research trainee through the SOM Registrar’s Office
  • Receives a JHED & badge

Paid casual employees

  • Hired through the standard HR process – expedite through the HRC, doing tasks that we typically pay others to do
  • Can remain casual for future assignments during semester breaks (e.g., Christmas break, Spring break)
  • Undergo background check and may get Occ Health Screening (depends on the job)
  • Receives a JHED and badge