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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: August 5, 2022

Epic Tips: August 5, 2022

***Epic Upgrade: August 4, 2022

Below are upgrade key slides of interest, worth reviewing, in the attached PowerPoint slide decks:

In Basket Gets a Renovation – Hot Topic!

  • In Basket has a sleeker, cleaner look with new designs to better fit your workflows and preferences
  • Inpatient Slides 66-80 / Ambulatory Slides 26-53
    • QuickNote renamed ‘Note’
    • Reviewed and Complete buttons merged into one - ‘Done’
    • Result Note renamed Result Management
    • ‘Search’ your folder list by patient or the sender of a message
    • Consistent toolbar for most common actions
    • Create QuickActions for Reply, Reply All, and Forward
    • More intuitive Rx Request Activities
    • Improved filtering by category or value or create your own
  • To learn more click the In Basket Upgrade Guide, blog post, and for a quick video tour click here.

Results Review Activity Improvements – Hot Topic!

  • Inpatient Slides 22-28 / Ambulatory Slides 71-74
    • Copy and print entire rows and columns within your applied time filter
    • Scroll using left/right or up/down arrow keys to move among cells
    • ‘All Rows’ and ‘Most Recent Column’ preferences are saved across sessions
    • Threshold information displays in In Basket Result & Reports for Transplant providers
    • Significant variant results display separately from Order level abnormalities in Result reports

Ambulatory Only

Route Encounters to Outside Organizations from Chart Review

Ambulatory Slide 10

Favorite Your Imaging Reports and Work Lists

Ambulatory Slide 25

Letters Activity Retired to the Updated Communications Activity - Hot Topic!

Ambulatory Slides 55-64

Manually Add & Resume Health Maintenance Topics

Ambulatory Slides 66 & 69

Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire for Adults [ACE]

Ambulatory Slide 83

New SmartLinks to Pull Variant Results into Notes

Ambulatory Slide 124

Inpatient & Ambulatory

Find Pharmacies that Stock Covid-19 Therapeutics – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slide 8 / Ambulatory Slide 141

Move Buttons to Rarely Used in Patient Lists

Inpatient Slide 14 / Ambulatory Slide 114

Use Chart Search to locate MyChart Messages

Inpatient Slide 16 / Ambulatory Slide 9

Change the Signer Name of Provider Signature Field

Inpatient Slide 19 / Ambulatory Slides 11

Add New Orders to Existing User Panels – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slides 31-33 / Ambulatory Slides 86, 88, & 92

Follow 3 Other Provider’s Preference Lists – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slide 34 /Ambulatory Slide 111

Edit Orders with Multiple Dosages

Inpatient Slide 36 / Ambulatory Slide 95

Modernized Look for SmartLists

Inpatient Slide 38 / Ambulatory Slides 102-105

Notewriter Updates

Inpatient Slide 41-43 / Ambulatory Slides 97-101

Upgrade Your Mobile Devices to v10.2 and More – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slide 47-57 / Ambulatory Slide 129-133

New Secure Chat Features – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slide 58-65 / Ambulatory 14-16

Updated Communications Activity - Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slides 81-90 / Ambulatory Slides 54-63

Inpatient Only

Adult Sepsis Updates – Hot Topic!

Inpatient Slides 6 & 7

Care Team Updates

Inpatient Slide 11

Updated Order Composer for Discharge

Inpatient Slide 30

-Juliet Allen, MSN, RN, Business Solutions Analyst, Health IT Optimization & User Wellbeing

COVID-19 Epic Training Portal link

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