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DOM/WSE Poster Session Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the return of the Department of Medicine and Whiting School of Engineering Poster Session. It was a thrill to see so many investigators in one place again. The event was buzzing with excitement and budding multidisciplinary collaborations. We look forward to February when we can once again combine our DOM & WSE Research Retreat and Poster Session.

Thank you to everyone who submitted abstracts. We had over 100 posters in total covering many different disciplines. Congratulations to our abstract award winners listed below.

The W. Leigh Thompson Excellence in Research Awards

Basic Research Faculty Winner

Sepideh Gharaie, Ph.D., Abstract 107

Amoxicillin treatment following ischemia reperfusion injury accelerates kidney repair by modulating gut microbiota

Sepideh Gharaie, Kyungho Lee, Lois Arend, Sanjeev Noel, Hamid Rabb

Basic Research Fellow Winner

Paula Reventun, Ph.D., Abstract 90

RAB5C increases release of VWF by controlling granule trafficking in endothelial cells

Reventun P, Viskadourou M, Alcharani N, Foster DB, de Vries PS, Smith NL, Osburn Wo, CHARGE Consortium, Toledano-Sanz P, Arvanitis M, Lowenstein CJ

Clinical Research Faculty Winners

Mudiaga Sowho, M.D., M.P.H., Abstract 80

D-dimer in Marfan Syndrome: Effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea induced Blood Pressure Surges

Mudiaga Sowho, Hartmut Schneider, Jonathan Jun, Harry Dietz, Gretchen MacCarrick, Alan Schwartz, Luu Pham, Frank Sgambati, Philip Smith, Vsevolod Polotsky, Enid Neptune

James M. Stevenson, Pharm.D., M.S., Abstract 52

Documentation of results and medication prescribing after combinatorial psychiatric pharmacogenetic testing: a case for discrete results

Stevenson JM, Loftus J, Levy HP

Clinical Research Fellow Winners

Guillermo Barahona, M.D., Abstract 47

Improving the Diagnosis of Sibo Using an At-Home Handheld App Connected Device (AIRE) for Measuring Breath Hydrogen 

Barahona, Guillermo; Moran, Áine; Mc Bride, Barry; Malagi, Nitish; Villatoro, Luisa; Burns, Robert; Konings, Bo; Bulat, Robert; McKnight, Megan; Shortt, Claire; Pasricha, Pankaj

Yumeng Wen, M.D., Abstract 127

Biomarkers of Proximal Tubule Maladaptation in Acute Kidney Injury Identified by the Integration of Kidney Single Nucleus RNA Sequencing and Plasma Proteomics

Yumeng Wen, M.D., Emily Su, Heather Thiessen-Philbrook, M.Math, Leyuan Xu, Ph.D., Lloyd Cantley, M.D., Patrick Cahan, Ph.D., Chirag R. Parikh, M.D., Ph.D

Whiting School of Engineering Research Awards

Trainee Awardees

Brendan Miller, Ph.D., Abstract 28

Reference-free cell type deconvolution of multi-cellular pixel-resolution spatially resolved transcriptomics data

Brendan F. Miller, Feiyang Huang, Lyla Atta, Arpan Sahoo, Jean Fan

Neha Thomas, Ph.D., Abstract 81

Neurophysiological evaluation of haptic feedback for myoelectric prostheses

Neha Thomas, Garrett Ung, Hasan Ayaz, Jeremy D. Brown

Whiting School of Engineering Research Lab Award

Nick Durr, Ph.D., Abstract 84

Translational computational biophotonics


  • Taylor Bobrow
  • Marisa Morakis
  • Corey Simmerer
  • Mantej Singh
  • Anthony Song

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View the Poster Session Program Booklet.


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