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Medicine Matters Home Leadership September is Women in Medicine Month

September is Women in Medicine Month

There are more women than men in medical schools, according to data for the 2019-2021 academic year from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Our department is very fortunate to have the best and the brightest women faculty and staff whose contributions toward advancing gender equity in science and medicine is unmatched. We are so proud to have several women in our leadership structure including 50 percent of our vice chair team and 40 percent of DOM division directors, as well as several women leading as associate deans and leaders of our sections, programs and clinics. They are scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, advocates, clinicians and true leaders. And while our department has made great strides, there is still further to go.

As we celebrate Women in Medicine Month, there’s an even greater emphasis on advancing equity and creating change for female physicians as well as their patients. Women physicians face unique challenges, especially those early and mid-career, that can be exacerbated in times of crisis—which is especially true of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many women shoulder the responsibilities of home life, elderly and child care, in addition to their careers. This proves to be a difficult balancing act. Inequities in promotions, opportunities for career development, and leadership and scientific pursuits are further exacerbated during these critical time windows. As we come to terms with the realities of the post-pandemic impact on women in medicine, it is now time to focus on the future with renewed commitment. Women in Medicine are critical to the workforce, and the Department of Medicine and School of Medicine are committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity, tolerance and belonging, and honoring our wonderful women.

Please join me in celebrating our women leaders. We are deeply indebted to you.

-Garima Sharma, MD, Associate Vice Chair for Women's Careers in Academic Medicine and Chair of the DOM Task Force on Women’s Careers in Academic Medicine

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