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Conway Receives Costs of Care Affordability Award

Dr. Sarah Conway, assistant professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine and General Internal Medicine, has won the Costs of Care Affordability Award for her abstract entitled “Academic Medical Center and Federally Qualified Health Centers: Collaboration to Enhance Care of Underserved Communities." She presented this week at the HVPAA National Conference during the special plenary session on Friday, October 7. She will also be the keynote speaker at the conference on Saturday, October 8.

More information about the HVPAA National Conference:

Date & Location

Thursday, October 6, 2022, 7:50 AM - Saturday, October 8, 2022, 5:30 PM EST, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD

Target Audience

Specialties - Academic/Research, Anesthesiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Diagnostic Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Practice, Hospitalist, Infectious Diseases, Multiple Specialties


The cost of healthcare has risen to unacceptable levels. Notably, the Institute of Medicine estimates that approximately $750 billion spent on healthcare in 2009 was "wasted on unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs, fraud and other problems, and more recently estimated of wasted healthcare spending approach $1.2 trillion. The Architecture of High Value Health Care Conference is the premier information sharingvenue for physician-led care transformation, sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The meeting is designed to efficiently advance high value care performance improvement across the country. The mission of the annual conference is to share leading practices and provide immersive skill-building experience around value-based care. Poster and podium abstract presentations from medical centers across the US and beyond will detail initiatives that improve health care quality and safety while reducing costs of care for patients. Goals include investigation of outcomes to ensure that practice refinement maintains or improves diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy and determining the best methodologies to improve the value of care providers deliver. Performance improvement guidance and support are provided through focused workshops and round-table information sharing sessions monitored by national experts.

 To review the final agenda/program please visit the course website:


  1. Identify unnecessary tests, procedures and treatments to target for reduced utilization.
  2. Appraise the most effective methods for impacting provider ordering and prescribing behavior (education, CDS and provider feedback).
  3. Assess the safety outcomes of value-based improvement to ensure that these initiatives do not compromise diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy.


Kelsey Bennett